Friday, January 8, 2010

Now, about that gym thing

Enough fruitcake—time to at least talk about going to the gym.

Exercise improves your mood (sex hormones!), cuts risk of many cancers, keeps your heart on track, and so on. And SO ON. Now is the season to be lively.

Lively can cost.

Kelli B. Grant (WSJ,Jan 6, 2010) has some tips for keeping gym fees down to a dull roar.

The median annual cost for a new gym membership is $775. Ongoing members get it down to An average of $43 a mo.

First, check out gyms near you for a week or two…Most offer “no-commitment” passes.

January is the month for deals! So deal. If you find a better price nearby see if the gym you want will match it. Even if it’s the same chain, prices can vary.

Check with your office’s HR dept. You may have a discount waiting.

If there is a health club in your building, see if the landlord will give you a perk.

Some health plans also offer discounts.

Start off month to month—stats show people may only go 50 times a year. See if you are going.

Some people pay for a year thinking it will make them go. It just makes them guilty.

If you are unemployed, though, going to the gym can be a good thing. You will be more energetic and rosy at your next interview.

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