Tuesday, January 26, 2010

References--pro and con

Many job hunters long to get to the stage where the employer asks for references—it’s always a sign of serious consideration.

Some experts say to just put the references in the resume—instead of that tired line, “References provided upon request,” how boring is that one?

Russ Wiles writes about this in the AZ Republic, Jan 24, 2010.

First, your old company may have asked current employees not to talk about past employees. Ooops. Ask references first if it’s OK to list them. Try to list their personal emails, so the employer won’t have to be bothered with knowing what they say.

Try for a couple of past supervisors and maybe a coworker or customer.

Call your references, make sure they know someone may call, update them on your situation. Send them your resume, in fact.

Put references on a separate list—not in the resume itself.

Above all, be sure you use articulate people who don’t hate you or harbor a grudge.

I tell my references to tell anyone who asks that I kicked drugs on my own. Yeah, pretty funny. This is why I am self-employed.

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