Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Resume is a start

Every time I print out my kid’s resume, I think, “Darn! This person should be working.” She is 28, has worked in retail, has taken a full-immersion German summer class, has worked a production assistant on an indie film, even got a govt paycheck at age 14 for working at the National Zoo in Washington.

But alas, such experience is not considered “meaty,” just mildly interesting.

Still, I contend, you need to pop out of the stack somehow. So if you have interesting items, include them. (No, not your height and weight.)

One way to strengthen a lightweight resume is to get the exact titles at your desired place of work. Figure out what the position entails and match your snippets of experience to this.

If the desired position or company has a trade group, see if you can join or attend meetings. Get known, get identified with the industry sector you seek.

If you are a recent grad, maybe move education down below the experience you can claim—although young people command less money, being a fresh grad can work against you.

How about your local chamber of commerce? Do they have monthly mixers? Might be worth a pop-in.

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