Monday, January 11, 2010

Volunteering can lend structure

Remember when our moms told us to get up in the morning—that it gave us structure?

Andrew Johnson (AZ Republic, Dec 20, 2009) talks about the benefits of volunteering.

First, basically, getting up and going somewhere gives your day a centerpiece.

Volunteering helps someone else—you might even work up a nice little glow over it.

Sometimes volunteering looks decent on a resume.

You could meet a good job contact.

People out of work are now out 28 weeks or more. That’s a long time with no structure—you could turn to animated goo.

Volunteer at the animal shelter if you like critters. Or the thrift shop—busy these days.

Be honest about how much time you can give—don’t go overboard.

And for heaven’s sakes if a place is making money, don’t give yourself away for free.

That is my one rule.

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Star Lawrence said...

Some evidence that getting up and volunteering can also be good for your health.