Friday, January 22, 2010

Writing samples

Shocking, I know—but some thoughts take more than 140 letters to express.

I read one of those job hunting advice things recently that said a job hunter had been asked for writing samples—what did that mean?

Of course, the key is to think of what writing you would do in the job and try to find a sample keyed to that. If it’s a sales job, how about a proposal you wrote? If ou will be writing press releases, send some.

Include maybe three things of different lengths.

Also be honest—was this revised by someone else? Was it crummy to begin with? In such a case, it’s better not to use it. If you get the job, it will come out that you can’t put two thoughts on paper.

When I got my lobbying job, I showed them my senior thesis on the navy’s use of submersibles. It was an aerospace job—but the paper was technical enough to count.

Come on, grads, you have something to show. What do you have to lose?

Unless it’s one of those professionally written papers and not your own work. None of my readers would be this tacky, would they?

When I see ads for writers to write these, I write back and say, “I hope your mother doesn’t go to a doctor who cheated in school.”

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Star Lawrence said...

Here is a fun site--well, fun, I mean informative...on the econ meltdown scene.