Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Can one flub sink you?

Joann S. Lublin (WSJ, Feb 2, 2010) says in this job market making a faux pas or any kind of pas in an interview or networking, even, can be curtains.

Head hunters and recruiters admit they have black lists. Liars, losers, and misfits, they say.

Exaggerating your qualifications can land you on the list.

Failing a background check—not good.

Submitting a resume to a firm who already received your resume from a head hunter can get you outlawed—you may cost the head hunter a fee.

One applicant also learned he had been blacklisted because when asked if he would be willing to take a drug test, he joked, “Sure, just give me a week’s notice.” Yeah—well, not funny.

Another guy got listed because he rose high on an applicant list, then stayed with his employer when the employer made him a good counteroffer to keep him.

And above all—don’t put weird or incriminating nonsense on Facebook or Tweet stupid stuff—this gets checked, better believe it.

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