Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can't sell--might as well improve the house

Rosie Romero writes about the latest trends in home improvement (Arizona Republic, Feb 13, 2010).

I got someone to weedeat for me—and my kid found an orange tree someone wanted removed—and brought it over.

Broke as we are, we still mess with the house.

One trend is that people still like big spaces, since they have to be home in them a lot now.

Walls are coming down to create great rooms.

Bare floors are in—rip up your carpeting. I had that done when we had a house fire a few years ago. I painted two rooms of cement, but one still has carpet glue marks, which I try to see as “loft-like” and cool.

Try to reuse things like countertops—if you get granite, put the old one in the laundry room or workshop. Want a new patio—break up the slab and put gravel in between instead of getting all new pavers.

Pay attention to product recalls. Drywall from China—not so much.

If you want to freshen one room, make it the kitchen. I did my kitchen years ago and still love it! Now, I see stainless appliances on the shows—by the time, I could sell, black will be new stainless and my kitchen will be hip!

Try adding to improvements that will help as you become less sure-footed. Install grab-bars.

Or go greener—tankless water heaters or new windows. Those windows COST A TON!

Can’t we buy them at the Depot or Lowe’s and jam them in ourselves? Or maybe off Craigs?

Uh-oh…new project coming.

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