Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Claw to the top--nicely

I always thought the tippy top might be a tad vulnerable, but many people have ambition that exceeds mine.

According to AZ Magazine, you need to up your tech literacy to succeed. Take a junior college course or one at a tech school. Learn Microsoft Office, Excel, Quickbooks, the Adobe suites.

The second piece of advice: Follow your industry, become an insider. Know the product, know the customer, know the news. Read the trade journals and business sections of the paper.

If you need a certificate or more schooling, get it. If there is a high cost, be sure it will return a higher salary. Your company may even pay for it—ask.

Expose yourself to new people and new ideas. Don’t just network with the same old.

Be reliable and don’t be nasty or get a reputation for being nasty.

If someone does you a favor, watch for a chance to reciprocate.

Have any other suggestions, readers?

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