Thursday, February 18, 2010

Color you...optimistic?

I know, it’s raining or snowing, the sky is gray, you’re chilly, your feet are cold, you feel gray, tired.

Well, this won’t be a shocker, but a study has shown that depressed people feel more “gray.” They made up a color chart to test out emotions—such as green with envy and “the blues.”

They asked subjects which colors they liked. They actually had lots of shades of gray on the chart. They asked which color people felt “drawn to” and which depicted their “current mood.”

So-called “healthier” people liked yellow or as the overall favorite color of "healthy" people—blue.

I love blue. My house is blue-themed. I have blue tiles in front.

Am I healthy mentally—well, you are reading this, what do you think? My friends and fam think I am negative.

I have heard that orange is the favored color of the insane. I like orange.

Like many blonds, I can wear almost any color and do. Except gray. Yick.

How about you—when you get dressed, do you think, “This is a power day” and put on red? Or “I am feeling calm and centered” and put on blue?

Maybe we could all buy a red or yellow shirt and make it happen, what do you think?


Lori said...

Oh, I can totally see this. I put on bright colors when I'm feeling crappy just so my mood will improve. I'm sure they call it color therapy or something, but it takes no specialist to tell you that red will make you feel powerful, blue will make you feel calm and and peace, green will make you feel in touch with the earth, and yellow will make you feel like finding a VW bug and punching someone's arm. :)

Star Lawrence said...

Ooo--I wear a lot of yellow!

Star Lawrence said...

By the way--did you ever get into the Cadillac Whack?