Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Health jobs--people will always get sick

Erin Zlonek, Arizona Republic (Feb 7, 2010), reminds us that decrepit and ailing bods will always need some tuning up and looking after.

Growth career fields include…

Dental hygienist and assistant. Half of all hygienists earn between $55,000 and $79,000. Not bad. Usually only a two-yr program is required. Assistants—the ones who sterilize and lay out the sharp little tools (ick) and update records (and joke with the dentist) earn from $26,000 to $38,000.

Medical assistants earn between $23,000 and $33,000. Ten percent make over $40,000. They keep all records, room patients, and deal with insurance. A course can be completed in a year.

Occupational therapy assistants and aides provide rehab services and emotional support to people with disabilities. Half of these make between $39,000 and $57,000.

Physical therapy assistants concentrate less on the life skills and more on therapy such as electrical stimulation of muscles, ultrasound, gait adjustment, and balance. Half of these made mid-30s to high 50-s.

Pharmacy techs. These help licensed pharmacists deal with customers, store and keep track of medicine, and sometimes, count, lick and stick. Figure on $10-$15 an hour.

If you have a strong stomach, can deal with people having a bad day, and like to feel you are really helping and making a difference, get into health care. It’s kind of a calling, not just a job.

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Star Lawrence said...

On the NYT health blog, a thread about how nurses bully other nurses and some of these workplaces sound like snakepits...for what it's worth: