Thursday, February 11, 2010

I ran out of ramen!

Good grief, I am going to starve to death. What was I thinking?

Aw—just kidding, though I do favor the 10-cent lunch special (not bad with frozen veggies added).

I decided to write about yummy food today instead of the usual Sturm & Drang.

Stephanie Witt Sedgwick, of the Wash Post, says this time of year, we are still hopeful about the resolutions—never yell at the kids, exercise daily, and love our gum-chomping co-workers.

Cooking healthier is a…piece of er,…er,…kale?

First, Steph tells us, add citrus to everything. Tons of it. Marinate in it, put it in salad dressing (mix with olive oil), and put lemon and orange zest (oily crumbs scraped off the peel), in ricotta cheese, add a little brown sugar and fruit—dessert or breakfast.

Use a lot of herbs. Use the dried ones in sauces, the fresh on top at the end or in quick-cooking dishes . Put chopped herbs in dressings. Bean salads—remember those?—load in the herbs and EVOO.

Use foreign-tasting spices on American foods—turmeric, cumin, chilies, cinnamon, cloves. Make rubs, put them in burgers. I like a bottled spice called Chinese Five Spices. For a good hot or cold side dish, mix with peanut butter, olive oil, and water—heat and put it over spaghetti—yum cold, too.

If you’ve already added salt to something and it still tastes flat, try a dash of sugar. You’d be amazed.

I went nuts and bought one of those plastic yellow lemons full of juice. I throw it in everything now. I know—get fresh. Well, you get fresh if you want. Me, I like my fakey.

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