Friday, February 19, 2010

Ideas for new businesses--brilliant?

I love the site. They will send you a weekly email about new businesses around the earth—it could give you an idea or two.

New business equals new jobs!

First, this week, we had floating offices. These fit two people and berth in marinas. I like the name—H2Office.

The Gruve is a gizmo that nags you if you aren’t moving enough.

A reusable connector helps you make trash into toys. If you have a kid who would rather play with the box than the toy—this could be fun.

Another new business lets you give to your favorite charities with one check each month—and not get on a million lists.

Speedrenting is like speed dating (talk to each a few minutes) but it’s to find a roommate.

To learn more and get all jazzed up, go to

It’s European but we’re over that Old Europe deal, right?

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Star Lawrence said...

Check this out--something new to keep toilets from running.