Monday, February 15, 2010

Need a jobs group--start one

At my old church in DC, we started an employment mission. This was during the nineties.

We met once a week—compared notes, sometimes a guest came in. Our favorite was a dance instructor who made us run and hop around the room and get out of our heads. Fun!

Once a month, I printed up people’s qualifications in little blurbs in a church bulletin insert. The Clintons attended our church and the ushers told me the president read my little flyer from beginning to end, even if Hillary was tugging on his sleeve. I always fancied it helped him know how real-world people were hurting—I wish the current president seemed more aware.

When I remarked on this on LinkedIn, Susan Breidenbach told of finding a group for unemployed professionals in Reno—it’s called ProNet. They put on a four-day job seminar. They do mock interviews, help each other with resumes. Last week, she said, 102 people attended. ProNet is also holding a Job Fair.

She said it took her six months to find this group. Now they are at work putting on a cable TV show aimed at unemployed professionals.

If you start a group, local businesses may give you listings and if you are involved, you may get first shot at those listings. Think about it.

“Overturn every rock,” Susan wrote us on LinkedIn, “to make sure your community does not have a group.”

And if not—maybe start one. Find a meeting place, get the paper (if you still have one) to publicize it.

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Star Lawrence said...

From Women for Hire:

Last week 380 people participated in our free live career chat—making it our biggest online live audience ever! There was great back-and-forth on all things job-search.

Now we’re aiming for bigger and better!

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Star Lawrence said...

Here is another effort in Ft Lauderdale...Workforce One.

Star Lawrence said...

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