Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Say you WANT to quit your job

Dennis Nishi (WSJ Jan 26, 2010) says a survey shows that 60% of those still working want to change jobs when things pick up (insert prayer here).

The key will be to quit well—as in having a “good death.”

First, Nishi says, look over the employee handbook—see what rules bind you. See if you get back un-used vacay time, for instance.

If you don’t get paid for vacation time, start using it ahead of your leave-date.

Make an appointment with the boss to discuss your departure. Make if formal. Bring a hard copy of your letter of resignation. Offer more notice than 2 weeks if you can. Nonetheless, some companies will invite you to depart that day.

We used to call that being “walked to the car” in my ex’s computer operator days.

Don’t take the stapler. These places have cameras. Not worth the hassle.

Clear your browser cache, remove your passwords, and delete anything (you know what I am talking about) you don’t want left on there.

Fantasy football—what did you think I meant?

Don’t lay blame, don’t rant, don’t finally get it all said. Things get around. Former bosses land the darndest of places.

Join an employee alumni association or stay in touch with your colleagues.

You never know—that reference could depend on it.

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