Monday, February 22, 2010

Stay-at- home-mothers: Time to relaunch?

I am not being sarcastic—this can be an okay time. And you may need to if your spouse is out of work.

More women are working now than men. Because they command less money? Maybe. But also there are more women getting degrees now than men. So figure it out.

Check out a website called I learned about it from Sue Shellenbarger (WSJ, Feb 17, 2010).

Some moms found it hard to learn the technology that had crept in since they left the formal workplace. One had her kid teach her Excel.The article called some returners ”modern-day Rip Van Winkles,” but I think this is an exaggeration (sure, listen to me, I am dreading tweeting).

The estimate that 1.9 million college-educated moms would like to return to work.

You learn on the fly, remarked one returner.

Or you could take what they call an on-ramping program—like Pace Law School’s “New Directions” course. On-ramping--name for everything, I guess. “Returnship” is another term I’ve seen.

If you want or need to do it—go for it. Don’t let the bum economy intimidate you. Go to IRelaunch and dig in. By the way, the site is also informative for men.

We don’t want Failure to Relaunch. Not from my peeps.


Carol said...

Hi, Carol Fishman Cohen here, co-founder of iRelaunch. Thanks so much for highlighting our site on your blog. Your readers may also want to check out Back on the Career Track, our career reentry strategy book (not trying to do the hard sell here - check it out from the library if you don't want to buy). Also we are running our return to work conference in 5 cities this year - a one day event for career reentry strategy, return to work success stories, and the opportunity to network with employers interested in the return to work pool. You can access it through the iRelaunch site or directly at I'll extend our $30 discount to your readers if they put "Hopey Copey" as the answer to "how did you find out about us" on our registration form. Finally, there are great, free, return to work tools and resources on our iRelaunch site.

Star Lawrence said...

Hi, Carol, thanks for tagging up and for your offer. I may be in touch later about a story I am doing on this subj. This is cool.