Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tell employers what you can do for them

Yes, you need money but you don’t want the job because you need money…very bad form, don’tcha know.

J. Craig Anderson explores this on CareerBuilder.

First—when you are in an interview, try to remember: What you did for someone else isn’t really the point—what can you do for the person sitting in front of you?

To know that, you need to research the company…Have they gotten any contracts lately, partnered with anyone, etc. How could you fit in?

You want to show you can make or save the company money. Money. Make or save. Repeat after me. If you can retain customers, lower costs and other pluses—speak up.

Try to be humble, but self-assured and confident.

Do you come off as fun or pleasant to work with? This can be important.

And make or save them money.

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