Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thought about online courses?

M.R. Kylis writes about this in the Feb/Mar 2010 issue of Working Mother.

One interviewee studied two yrs at a Montana State Univ online program to become a certified librarian. She had been a teacher, but craved a change.

Mothers often take advantage of the daytime for the kids, then study at night.

One woman did her MS in chemistry online through the Univ of Maryland.

More than 60% of schools now offer a remote option, Harvard, Penn State and Duke included.

These can cost as much as the on-campus course, but you have way fewer expenses.

Of course, you do have to motivate yourself and stick with it.

Check out www.elearners.com to find accredited schools.

www.Projectworkingmom.com has some scholarship and payment info.

www.Studentaid.ed.gov tells you about federal loans.

Have you ever done it? Tell us about it.

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