Thursday, March 25, 2010

Body language can "tell" you a lot

Anita Bruzzese, Gannett, says it’s important to watch for signs in a job interview or business meeting.

In her story, she talked with Joe Navarro, author of “Louder Than Words” (Harper).

If people like what you are saying, they lean forward.

Someone who squints may be hearing something they view negatively. Large open eyes? They like it! (Exception--Nancy Pelosi.)

If you get more time to answer questions—the interview is going well. If you keep getting cut off--bad sign.

To send some signals yourself, watch the interviewer or boss. If they get right to it, don’t derail them by interrupting.

Watch the person’s face. A furrowed forehead and narrowed eyes mean tension.

Always share good news with the boss, along with bad.

Never sit right flat in front of anyone…angle in. It’s seen as less aggressive.

Keep your shoulders squared and don’t entwine your fingers. Keep hands above the table. To show great confidence, steeple your fingers.

You can tell when a vibe turns negative. You have lived on earth a long time.

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