Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bold job idea--Secret Service

Being a member of the Secret Service is not all standing around with a beige receiver in your ear scanning the crowd for wackos.

I read about a woman named Lea Bauer, an agent based in Washington, in the booklet Women for Hire (www.womenforhire.com, a fun site).

Bauer had been a psychotherapist researching places that did behavioral research and found the SS’s National Threat Assessment Center.

She says people often think agents are superhuman, but she is a person working a job. She does have to travel a lot. She is married to a special agent, which compounds it. No kids. “That would be difficult, if not impossible,” she said in the story.

She says people are surprised when she says what she does—most of them think of agents as men in sunglasses.

There is a lot of that, of course, but the SS also investigates counterfeiting schemes and does a lot of behind the scenes work. Pres Clinton used to attend our church and the SS would be on all the rooftops around the church and bringing in heavy bags of arms that almost dragged on the ground. In a church. Oh well, Washington is like that.

If you are going to try for it, Bauer said, get in shape first. The physical requirements are the same for men and women—including the pushups.

The SS has 125 offices worldwide. Maybe one near you?

Check out http://www.secretservice.gov/join.

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