Thursday, March 4, 2010

Especially now, treat your employees right

Those dopes in DC are really having a field day, aren’t they?

So I decided to write about something nicer today: Companies that are trying to alleviate stress in their remaining employees—hope of a better world to come.

Sarah E. Needleman, WSJ, Jan 14, 2010, says one business owner who hired a new salesperson was pounced on by her other employees, whose hours had been cut and who were furious.

She quickly called a meeting—she was bringing the company back to life, she explained. The next employee added, though, was part-time out of consideration to her staff.

Employees need to feel more valued is the message. Statistics show that under half of employees are happy with their jobs these days.

One company tried to address this by amping up job titles.

Other bosses allowed some employees to work remotely or set their own hours. A company that gave no raises instituted incentives.

Another boss met with each employee for a one-on-one each week—it pepped them up, he reported.

And this one was good—a company served a big waffle and bacon breakfast every Wednesday.

Food is always a plus. It doesn't beat money or a promotion, but it's a plus.

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