Friday, March 26, 2010

Female hair loss--not just from pulling it out

Stress, age, automimmune problems—darn, this Recession—can cause hair to kiss the head good-bye—even in women.

This can take a toll and is not what we need when we are already freaking out.

The American Academy of Dermatology recently had a meeting and some docs kicked the subject around.

Often, women losing hair suffer in silence. Female pattern hair loss is treatable, though.

You can inherit the tendency from Mom or Dad. Unlike in men, women usually don’t experience a receding hairline—they see thinning on the crown or top of the head. This can start as early as the teens.

You can first notice it as a smaller pony tail or widening of your part.

The approach is the same as for men—Rogaine or minoxidil 2%. It prolongs the growth cycle of the hair—so it doesn’t just come in like wispy forearm hair and then fall out.

It can take four months of more to see a difference. You can still perm or color hair—these things are not the culprit.

If your hair loss is from too many male hormones (people have both), you may see a receding hairline like men do. Sometimes this is treated in women with oral contraceptives.

Women also undergo transplantation.

Bottom line—ask your doctor. Don’t just look at the brush full of hair and sigh.

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