Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here come the teen job hunters

Great—more job hunters. Still, we want these nice, able-bodied kids to do something useful and earn their own cellphone bill, don’t we?

Sue Shellenbarger (WSJ, Mar 10, 2010) says few people under 25 can even remember a good year.

Last year, only 28% of 16-19-year-olds found work—this year is expected to be worse.

Still, Shellenbarger says some myths abound and are happily or unhappily believed by youngsters and parents. First, there is a feeling that it’s not even worth trying. They hear there are no jobs and quit.

Kids get jobs the same way anyone does—by trying and not giving up.

Look in government-run youth programs. Resorts. Places that have a lot of people coming in summer. Child and elder-care places are often looking.

And despite what people think, jobs do look good on college apps. It can even beat going to Wall Street Boot Camp or someplace.

Some kids think fast food is beneath them. These places hire.They give face-to-face customer contact experience. The cooking experience? Well…

Kids can even have their own babysitting businesses—or lawn mowing.

Lawn mowing! We can never find a nice kid to do yard work anymore! Where are they?

Maybe the key is to look for work--like during the last Depression--not a job per se.


Star Lawrence said...

I don't know about where you live, but here in AZ, we had rain (!) and the weeds--London rocket etc--are 4 feet high in a week! If you kids see this, offer to mow or's money! I wish you would come to my house... For once, I would not be crabby and tell you to get off my lawn--I would say, fix my lawn!

Star Lawrence said...

Here's a new one for me--some gypsies stopped their truck and asked to cut my weeds. At first I thought they were speaking Spanish--no, Rom. Anyway they wanted $250 for about half an hour of work. I said no. In English.