Monday, March 22, 2010

"Jobs" initiiatives--blah and slow

Supposedly, this admin is all about jobs, as unemployment rises in practical terms way above the 9.7% they try to claim—and many more people slide into the cash economy.

We have a lot of that out here in AZ—off the books, temporary, comes and goes, it’s money. A lot of people don't have bank accts--they buy money orders.

Apparently, the president just signed a $17 billion tax break bill for companies that hire the unemployed. Seventeen "bill" just isn’t what it used to be, is it? A mere bagatelle.

When they get done with this health mess, which of course will send more small companies out of business, thanks so much, they will “do” jobs again.

Oh, and maybe rebates are coming for energy efficient home changes. “Cash for Caulkers.” Well, I looked at those improvements—spendy, spendy, rebate or no.

They also may take some of the TARP money, which is in play, amd put it into lending to small business. Why can’t they make the banks they bailed out do that? No one seems to know. Also, the TARP money may not be as sloshy a slush fund as they thought—Congress may be to approve its repurposing for this.

At least now if a company hires someone who has been out of work two months, they get a tax break. Should be no problem to find those workers.

I heard today that Dunkin’ Donuts is hiring near us. Don’t tell the First Lady or first thing you know, “bad” companies won’t get the tax break.

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