Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kids at home with parents and vice-versa

The New York Times health blog had yet another thread on caring for aging parents at home. It was the usual—heaven forfend “strangers” should care for your beloved, or my spouse is out of control and tried to strangle me and I had to do something.

Now, the Arizona Republic is back to the "evergreen” subject of young adults moving back home.

How about this—we throw you kids some bread crusts in your 20s if you need it, and you change our drawers when we lose it. How’s that sound? .

By the way, this used to be called “extended” family. Now it’s called too broke for separate houses.

One in 10 adults from 18 to 34 are back with Mom and Dad. I have sen higher stats.

Fifteen percent of adults under 35 have put off marriage. Fourteen percent have put that first baby on ice (you know what I mean).

These aren’t slackers, said one authority (mine is). They are people in transition.

Don’t expect adult children to leave any time soon, one source said. Even if they find work, it won’t support them.

You just incorporate the kids into your life, said one parent, rather than stop living.

I guess.

And of course, with all this good treatment long after HS and college, they won’t mind taking care of us, I am sure.

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