Monday, March 8, 2010

Networking still underused

I remember when we used to go on “informational interviews.” We would talk someone into letting us come over for 15 minutes to shoot the breeze about their industry—not to get a job, just to exchange information.

No one has time for that anymore when people are clawing their way in the door.

Times have changed in a million ways.

Yet, all business is people—it’s all about the twits, not the tweets.

I mean “twits” in the nicest way, of course—the humans.

Just putting your res “up” on some site or cruising free ads does not a job hunt make. You need to let your family in on the game—do they know anyone who knows anyone? Check the nabes for “Help Wanted” signs—people are cheap and not everyone loves technology—those signs are still out there.

In one survey, the average job seeker only talks to or emails eight people a month.

Only 38% ask for an introduction each month.

We have covered this before—but go to local meetings, chamber of commerce mixers and the like. Some formal networking groups can be expensive, but check them out in the calendar section of your paper, if you still have a paper.

Dress neatly when out in public. If you ask someone for a job lead, ask the contact if there is anything you can do for him or her. Send paper thank you notes, while we still have a postal service.


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