Monday, March 15, 2010

Older workers, watch the language

First, if you are older (say above 60), aim for jobs in general administration and health. As I have said many times—people will be getting sick, count on it. Just writing this is making me sick.

Check out—which I have found to not be too helpful, although you experience may differ.

Arizona has one call—google for your state. AZ is also starting up a big jobs database—keep current in your state.

Don’t forget staffing agencies. Or look for part-time.

Public sector (those govt jobs we all love) tends to look kindly on older workers or at least will not subtly discourage you.

If you are older, avoid phrases like, “The Internet—isn’t that some tubes?” Or “Tweet? You mean that bird that always tormented that cat?” Ah-kidding—I know you know all this. Oh, another one: “You look so much like my grand daughter.” Or do not as I sometimes do, which is remark, "I am old school." Calling the interviewer dear or sonny--don't.

How about you—do you like the term “mature workers”? Sounds to me like the person will just take a lot of abuse and in a saintly way not flip out.

Come to think of it…

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