Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Things NOT to do at a networking event

Say you do go to a chamber of commerce mixer, business luncheon, or seminar about your old industry—what should you not do?

Do NOT expect to find a job.

Do NOT bring fistfuls of resumes to hand out. Don’t even offer to email yours.

Do NOT even ask people if there are jobs open at their company.

And do NOT deliver some blabby short pitch about yourself and what you are looking for.

Also do NOT drink a lot and violate these laws.

Instead, see if you can find out who will be there. Research the speakers. Be ready with a question. Introduce yourself to the speaker afterward if you feel like there is compatibility.

Be low-key if a speaker or someone you talk to agrees to tag up for coffee. This is a break for them, too—they don’t want a hard sell. But keep it short, be fun to talk to.

If you see an article or something the person would be interested in—email that.

What does this amount to? A nice relationship. People like to work with people they like.

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