Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You're broke--not naked

Spring is in the air, time to get some new clothes, something cute, light, bright. Wait—you did that last year. Time’s are tight—you can make do.

The site says to shop in your closet—ever so much cheaper, darlings.

Stylists Phillip Bloch and Elle Werlin follow the 3 R’s.

RECYCLE: See what you can tweak or modernize. Put those shoulder pads back IN! Put in some studs or beads. Change out buttons.

Boho is back…shorten your peasant skirts to minis. If you have those pre-ripped pants, put on patches. You can still look shabby. (Eyeroll.)

If you can’t sew or tailor, go to the trendiest boutique and ask who does their remodeling.

REPAIR: Mend leather from shoes to belts (search on shoe repair on this site). Resole sandals. Werlin resoles before wearing sandals, even. Lengthens their life.

Reweave cashmere—don’t toss.

Store your winter things cleaned and mended. Moths love body oils—yuh-um! Use professional wooden hangers. Use cloth garment bags so air can get in.

RENEW: These are the cheap new things added to the mix. How about a chunky necklace or belt that goes with everything (unless you are chunky, too). Werlin says get something flashy or printed. Maybe a military item—khaki or olive. Maybe a bright-colored bra that can peek out.

I go on ebay. So what if that shirt was in someone’s closet. It’s new to YOU!

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