Thursday, April 1, 2010

Check out your prospective employer

Austen Sherman wrote about this in the Arizona Republic March 28, 2010.

You should get up to speed on the company or organization before going. You need to sound like you cared enough to want the job!

First, check the website. Yes, the information may be promotional, but you can find out about clients, projects, capabilities, and (often) where your interviewer stands on the organization chart.

Go to Hoover’s or, for more information on the financials. Merger coming up? Good to know. might also mention your company.

Google for news on the company.

Go to LinkedIn—see if anyone you are linked to is linked to someone in the company.

Find out what the company makes, what that item does, what is coming up. You can even buy it and try it if it’s reasonable in price.

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