Monday, April 26, 2010

Free howledge

Who can afford contractors and people who know how to do things, right?

Funny story—did you know if tree branches overhang your house, your homeowner’s
insurance may send a guy to take pictures, then cancel you? Nice, huh? Yup—had to get a tree guy. Email me if you want to know which company did this.

But for other things that don’t involve walking on your roof you may be able to make do with online instruction, according to Alice Garbarini Hurley, writing in Good Housekeeping, Apr 2010.

Hurley writes that our friend the internet has a video about just about everything you may need to do.

The big, fairly reputable how-to sites are,,, a I left one out that is part of Demand Media, which is a company undercutting writer pay abd ruining the industry that has supported me for almost three decades.

According to Hurley, Howdini is one that’s good for complicated projects. YouTube, Howcast, and ViewDo feature amateurs doing things—so be warned.

You can also search by putting in “how to,” then the subject.

Try to see how long the video is—they could go on and on. They should show something like 4:29—which means four mins, 29 secs.

Gosh, this is also a funny story. My daughter wanted to get rid of wasps on our fish pond outside—they were divebombing her on the patio. Every site we went to had something about building a wasp trap—soda bottle with sugar water. Yes, that’s a picture of it. The idea was, wasps fly in, can’t get out.

Well, let me ASSURE you they don’t fly in and this is a good example of “content” copied and recopied from one source…In other words, crap. I liked it better when “content” was called writing and even involved research of some sort.

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