Monday, April 5, 2010

Generation Y--no balls of fire

Ian Shapira, Washington Post, writes that the 18-29-ers have a lackadaisical work ethic.

They are free-spirited, value time off over money, or want to get filthy rich with minimal effort.

This is starting to sound kind of good, isn’t it?

Well—they can’t find jobs like this any more than anyone else can find a job.

There are 50 million of these out there.

Even the much-reviled Boomers are more willing to be wage slaves and play the game.

These people define themselves a tech users, or think of themselves in the “music/pop” culture. They also are liberal and tolerant, they think. And they also think they are “smarter.”

They say they work, one said, “part of every hour she is awake.”

Most do not see it takes a long, concerted effort to build a career.

If you are a hiring manager, do you want this kid—or a Boomer or Gen X-er who wants to work? Think about it.

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