Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy talk

Jeez, what is UP with everyone wanting to be happy in the midst of a total economic and emotional breakdown? Be real!

Sue Shellenbarger, WSJ, Jan 27, 2010, says some companies are hiring “happiness coaches.”

I recently wrote some stories for a site called Coaching Commons (dot org) on coaching, and it made me more aware that everything has a coach these days. Could even be a good field to get into…google it…organizations and sites. (I quit them, though, because they would not pay the PP commission—cheapsters who did not respect me, so maybe they need an editor coach.)

Anyhow, UBS, Amex, KMPG and other biggies have hired these happiness people.

They try to make employees get a positive attitude—or at least a neutral one. I guess I could shoot for neutral.

Employee satisfaction is at a low. Only 45% of those with jobs like those jobs.

Buoyant moods up profits, too. (One for The Big Book of Duh—why else would they do this?)

In these sessions, employees focus on what they can control, not on what they can’t.

OK—it’s not rolling in the aisles joyful, but it could help put things in perspective.

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