Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hourly work--don't rule it out

Katherine Powers, Working Mother, May 2010, talks about people who have made a career of what they thought was a high school or temporary hourly job.

One woman made a career with McDonalds…allowing her to work part-time when her kids were in school, but full-time in summer when she has child care. Some people have the reverse.

With the upsurge in low-wage hourly work, this story contends, managers will have to treat hourly people better. Many hourly places do have health insurance, for instance.

About 75 million Americans work by the hour, with a median wage of $11.49.

Working Mother lists the best companies for hourly workers—check the website.

Many of these “good” companies offer educational benefits, insurance, flex time, even child care.

That sounds sort of like careers, not jobs. Yes—these companies say—careers.

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