Thursday, April 22, 2010

New on the job

If you just got a job--first, congratulations!

Anita Bruzzese, Gannett, says you have to know how to “go to work.”

Beginners may not know, and people experienced in the working world may have forgotten.

Remember, your coworkers and bosses are slammed—and may be doing the work of several.

Young grads may enter the workforce without knowing the overall drill.

First, never say you are bored.

Ask what you can do to help someone instead.

Many young people like texting or emailing—at work, it’s face to face. You have to learn how to meet, talk to people, make friends in other companies related to yours.

On Friday, don't just make weekend plans, send the boss an update on what you are doing.

Never send a business email without waiting and reading it over.

Greet people. Yes, everyday! Of course, you saw them yesterday or even that morning, but sullen uncommunicativeness does not mean you are “deep,” just creepy.

If you have bad news, tell the boss so he or she won’t be blindsided.

Above all, read the handbook.

If it says don’t use company computers to go on Facebook and the others, don’t do it. If they give you a phone or blackberry, they can check it anytime they want.

Violate these rules—and there may be no second chances. Yes, it’s like that.

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