Tuesday, April 6, 2010

“Undercover Boss” can be an eye-opener

Harvey Mackay, the everything guru of business, talks about CBS’s hot new show “Undercover Boss.”

Setup: The boss does a worker’s job.

So far, bosses from Hooter’s, Waste Management, White Castle, 7-Eleven and some others have subbed in as worker bees.

Supposedly, they developed “tremendous respect” for workers. Sort of like if doctors became patients?

An Internet guy had to unload trucks—trucks apparently figured in this business.

He even wished orders would stop coming—I think it was what we used to call a fulfillment company—the co that sends out what people order online.

This guy even got fired from one task.

The Chief Operating Officer of the Kentucky Derby is afraid of horses (Dr Freud, call your service). He even gave horses a bath.

He was stunned at how personal, how people-oriented his business was.

The head of 7-Eleven had to learn to make coffee.

All of them said the experience made them work harder at the top—because they were thinking more of people at the bottom.

I bet they didn’t mind making 400 times as much, though.

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