Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ways to save on health care

Jeff Wuorio, Good Housekeeping, Mar 2010, has some ideas about saving on health care.

You may be able to get vaccines for your kids cheaper than at the pediatrician (under your plan). Go to

Many grocery and drugstores also have cheaper vaccine shots for you, too!

Under or uninsured women can get free breast and cervical cancer screening by going to

Dicker with your doctors. Ask for a price break. Before going in, check with the billing office to see if there is a discount for cash.

Ask the doctor for samples—I even go back and get more without even having an appt. Niceness may vary.

Buy drugs at internet sites (check with National Assn of Board sof Pharmacy… first—95% of internet pharmacies may be bogus).

Check out the rebate program at Hamacher Resource Group in Milwaukee.

Join your own pharmacy’s discount program. Mine is way better than my Medicare drug plan!

For eyewear and exams, get out your AAA or AARP card.

For teeth, check out the local dental schools. We have done this!

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