Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Drat! Fired!

Alex Foote, writing in the Arizona Republic (May 23, 2010), says the first thing to do if you get laid off is deal with your emotions. This is a loss—you grieve a loss. Change sucks—just survive through the feelings.

Don’t lollygag around, though—get right out there searching. You want your experience to be recent—you want to talk to people while it is.

Buy only necessities—not “wants.” You don’t need consolation presents—you need money.

Improve your skills—take little courses or online webinars.

Use the internet, but don’t just put your resume out and sit back. Network, call people, meet for coffee, buzz around social sites.

And I always add—look for signs in windows. Yes, people still do that.

Or target an office building near you and try to leave your resume in every office—if they don’t run you off.

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