Friday, May 21, 2010

Electric company wants to control the juice

In the May 19, 2010, WSJ, Rebecca Smith wrote about “smart meters.” Who are they smart FOR, though?

These little devils are reporting back to the electric company about how much we use and when. That lets them charge MORE during peak times.

Of course, they spin it as giving the customer control.

Some customers say hey, whatever, I want to prevent greenhouse gases.

Others say—HEY!

One guy in Texas always cooks dinner at 4 PM before the price hike cuts in for the day.

He gets weekly emails from the elec company praising him.

Instead of being read once a month—your prices change throughout the day.

Oh, joy—but I will tell you this, every time I have cut back—kept the AC at 80, did the wash at night--the elec company raised rates and my efforts were for naught.

Here comes Hal the Computer.

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