Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Eye contact--but do it right

Dale Dauten and J.T. O’Donnell kick around employment subjects on CareerBuilder.

They quotes Joe Navarro, author of “Louder Than Words.”

When meeting a prospective boss or hiring manager, walk in with purpose, show eagerness.

Remember, superiors can look anyplace they want, but subordinates cannot. Don’t scan the room like radar.

One guy was shown the door because he kept staring at the woman and her busband in swimsuits on a beach (next subject: What pictures to display once you have the job).

Don’t stare into someone’s eyes more than 1.5 seconds anyway or it gets serial killer-y.

Instead scan the other person’s whole face. You don’t want a “What are you lookin’ at?” reaction.

I would add, if the interviewer is a woman and you are a male, be extra careful about the checking out thing.

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