Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Like animals? How about becoming a vet tech?

If you have a love of beasties (and a strong stomach), vet tech is a growth field.

Dr. Joshua Peterson, DVM and chair of the veterinary technology program at Brown Mackie College in Kansas City, says this is a two-year course.

All states require credentialing, which is an exam. Techs are similar in their role as nurses are to doctors (although nurses go to school longer). Vet techs take care of their patients after surgery, administer anesthesia, take x-rays, draw lab samples, take temps, and clean up—everything in a vet’s office.

Don't forget comforting and reassuring animals and owners!

Vet techs also work in labs and take care of research animals, as well as helping with research.

For more info, there are many sites I found, but here is one: http://www.allalliedhealthschools.com/faqs/veterinary-tech-interview.php

I thought this would be a great career for my daughter, but she didn’t agree. I think I like animals more than she does.

There was that time when my dog had a clogged intestine…then just when they said it would be $350, it unclogged itself. The tech….well, nuff said.

If you want more riveting stories, check out this blog: http://vettechs.blogspot.com/.

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