Thursday, May 13, 2010

Scam, scam, go away

Remember those envelope stuffing “jobs”? Are they still around? Two bucks each to stuff an envelope—a mail house would do it for a penny or less. So weird! People actually sent money to find out how to get these jobs.

Now, Max Jarman, Arizona Republic, May 2, 2010, says good old Arizona is a hotbed of con men.

Oh, joy.

Huge boiler rooms are at work separating people from their money.

A lot of the current scams are aimed at the unemployed—debt consolidation, credit repair, loan mod, career training, government jobs that don’t exist.

Yes, work at home scams do include the envelope thing, but also learning medical billing, and freelance writing. Yeah, like that’s so easy.

Many times, the elderly are targeted. They will stay on the phone longer to be waltzed around.

Some people even get websites built and traffic supposedly directed to them—all a scam.

If it sounds too good to be true—it is, the feds say. Well, that’s scant comfort.

I remember my ex- sending out a recipe of his mother’s in one of those pyramid mail things—send $3 for a recipe…something like that. We did get some money in—but then one day a postal inspector came to the door.


Does the Better Business Bureau even do anything anymore? I have had vendors with dozens of complaints—still in good standing.

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