Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When you move, take the trees?

Dean Fosdick, Associated Press, wrote about this recently.

There are some reasons not to dig up and take your favorite plants, of course. Some moving companies don’t allow plants in their trucks. (There is your car, though.) Some new homeowners don’t appreciate the former owner stripping the property.

Still, I love my trees, I save and plan for years to get one, I hover. Yet, recently, my daughter tried to transplant an orange tree and it could not wait to croak. Seemed like it was in a one day! Alive! Dead.

Most purchase agreements also forbid this.

To prevent trouble, make it clear what you intend to take.

You can also take cuttings, not the whole plant.

One woman got visitation rights to her old garden.

Usually taking containerized plants is OK.

If you can’t take it with you, take a picture.

Your next garden will also be beautiful! If you are moving far, the plants you have now may not be suited anyway.

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