Monday, June 14, 2010

Do you need a mentor? I do!

Someone I know wrote about mentoring someone and called this person a “mentee.” Another friend of ours read this as “manatee.” Funny. Can’t you see someone trying to help a huge, slowly rolling water creature get a job?

J. Craig Anderson, AZ Republic, June 5, 2010, says at Xerox one mentor handed off to a “mentee” the top jobs as CEO and chairman of the board.

Wow, that was successful!

Career coaches cost money. Mentors do it free.

Their role can be as a sounding board, or as a way clearer, or anything in between.

Most mentors are trying to pass on the advantages they received. They can have many motives.

Mentors can get exposure to emerging talent, satisfaction, enhancement of their own leadership abilities, and new viewpoints.

“Mentees” get guidance and support that can lead to more self-confidence, access to people and resources, and encouragement.

I need a mentor in the government contracting area at the moment. I am trying to break in as a contractor, or more likely, as a subscontractor.

We shall see.

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