Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Financial trouble coming?

I guess it’s possible to be financially stressed and not know—like being fat and not knowing it.

Anyhow, Russ Wiles notes some signs for us in the Arizona Republic.

In the third straight year of this crap, a million people are on track to bankruptcy or BK, as those of us who have figured it out, love to call it.

Are you making regular use of credit cards—even for food sometimes, or medicine?

Not good, bunky.

Borrowing from your 401K is not as bad—at least it’s your money.

Do you have little or no savings—you should try to have a few mos in the bank. Yes, the less than one percent interest rate sucks.

Are your credit card bills getting any lower as you pay and pay? No. Well, they know that! And don’t think that financial bill is going to help.

Are you crabbier and bicker more about money. Check!

Are you getting hit with more fees for doing this or that “wrong.”

Consumer credit counselors say they can help fewer people these days—they are too far gone by the time they go for help.

Yes, all the banks, car companies and rich people got well—and we still have to bang along on our own.

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