Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Get PAID, not played

I would not give you a nickel for this freelance writer life at this point.

The stupid internet has corrupted the entire process by luring in out-of-work Bangladeshi writers with these beneficent $2 per article jobs, which are usually some idiocy someone pulls out of their rear or copies and rewords from something a real writer wrote.

All prices have collapsed…even the big mags now have cut rates or treat writers they have known for years like an unwelcome nuisance.

Some clever entrepreneur types (cough, Demand Media, elance, oDesk, gag gag) have zeroed in on independent work at home types and clamped down on them, looking at screen shots to make sure they are working for their pittance and to help “employers,” unaccustomed to buying creative services, exploit writers better and more centrally.

OK—now that is out of my system. My system yes, but not out of my life.

I contend the whole internet will soon be full of stupid so-called “content” and will be a wad of goo.

If you can research, develop sources, interview, and write—who the heck are you going to do it for in a few more years? Or even now. And no, people don’t give a damn that they are getting stupid, low-rent "content."

What I want to know is…how can writers support families after they have paid for the software to slightly alter stories so they can be resold to people who probably don’t even speak English?

Even if you don't get the software, writers, thanks a heap for bringing all rates crashing with your amateurism.

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