Monday, June 21, 2010

Harder for househusbands to get a job

Don’t you love stories about how hard “mothering” is when you are a male? Aw.

Anyhow, the latest twist is how hard it is for Mr Mom to get back into harness.

Sue Shellenbarger writes about this in the WSJ, May 19, 2010.

Apparently these dudes are stigmatized by working “in the home,” as moms like to put it.

True, there are fewer opps now for men, regardless of their parenting status. That is valid.

In 2009, 7.4% of men stayed with the kids. The highest percentage on record—almost 8%. I don’t know why, but that seems pretty low to me.

One Dad worked weekend shifts to get out and network and keep his hand in. That was pretty ambitious, I would say.

Many are “discouraged workers,” who just cave to reality and quit looking for work.

At cocktail parties one architect interviewed kept telling everyone he was an architect when they asked what he did.

All of them left stay at home dad off the old resume.

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