Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In 8 years, you could be a doctor...or

Sue Shellenbarger, WSJ, May 26, 2010, talks about the hot jobs of 2018.

What will they be?

One is nanotechnololgy—tiny computers and devices that can be inserted into the bloodstream or other places.

Biomedical engineering is a future hottie. Artificial organs, new imaging systems.

Health care is still speeding along. We will need more doctors. Many are quitting or retiring and people are getting older and sicker. (This is mixed—the field now in question because of low reimbursements, doomed to be worse when Obamacare cuts in.)

But, of course, these Labor Dept predictions could also be skewed by another big mess or continuation of this one we’re in. You could educate yourself for a hot job that has cooled.

Everyone thought nurses would be in demand—but many of them returned to the workforce and this isn’t as bad as it was.

What about those “green” jobs—cells, new technology? Who knows? Too new.

Many young people these days want to do a job they love. Sometimes those pay pretty much in satisfaction.

But not always--it's worth it to think and plan.

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