Friday, June 18, 2010

Making a business of disaster

Sarah E. Needleman, WSJ, June 17, 2010, says the death and disaster cleanup business is booming.

Leaving side the sputtering oil cleanup down south, she talks about a guy who has a business finding refrigeration for bodies when some disaster produces so many it outstrips local capacity. “Someone’s got to do it,” he shrugs.

There have been movies made about people who clean up crime scenes and suicides. These companies have trade shows. (I would hate to have the food concession.)

Disaster recovery firms are up 20-30% over the past 5 yrs.

Not every disaster can be 9/11, thank heavens. But one business owner said, “When bad weather’s coming, I get a smile on my face.”

That’s right—hurricane season is just starting.

Jobwise, what do you think? Are we getting more deconditioned from watching CSI and NCIS, where people chitchat over partially autopsied bodies?

The other day, looking for a picture for one of my sites, I came across some photos of real car accidents. You can tell the difference big time.

This would not be the business for me.

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