Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Save and earn more

Beth Kobliner, Redbook, July 2010, writes about how to haggle both on salary and purchases.

Once, she says, she actually talked an employer out of giving her more money. I don’t think she would do that again!

One study showed only 7% of women negotiate on salary and 57% of men do! Come on, gals!

First, before buying or taking a job, do your homework. Find out the going rates.

Know your limits—beyond which or below which you will not go. Always have a number in your mind.

Practice with people who aren’t face to face—like credit card cos. I also ask the phone company how I can get a better deal from time to time. Sometimes I can! They won’t offer, though, you have to ask.

If you have been a long-time customer—play that card.

Play the “rule of threes.” Three things or angles you could get. Say it’s a hotel—how about a lower room price? No—well, free breakfast? Transportation to the airport?

Check online on sites like or gets prices from the travel sites.

On the phone, go to, as in Save the Benjamins. I like that name.

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