Monday, June 28, 2010

Wise up on tweets, job hunters!

Heidi Nunn-Gilman, Cavanaugh Law Firm, fielded a question from a guy who got a job and then tweeted about becoming a “cubicle drudge in a wage-slave job.”

Gosh, the new company must have been one of his “followers” and they yanked the job offer.

He was all ticked.

Yes, Heidi told him, unless you have a signed contract, the employer can do that.

They can also decline to hire based on weird stuff on your Facebook or other site so long as it is not based on race, ethnicity, etc. They can’t say, “Ooops, I see she’s black, no way.” They can’t even say, “Is she pregnant? She will just want leave in a few months.”

If you relocated before the offer was revoked, you might be able to get your expenses back.

If they see you are a malcontent or trying to be funny at their expense, they think that will continue after you start working.

I read the other day, that so many companies monitor tweets that a guy complained about no Mountain Dew in the machine at a hotel and when he got back to his room, there was an ice bucket of ice and 5 cans of Dew on the table.

I wonder if that would work with airlines. “I NEVER get bumped to first class…”

As for that guy’s comment—at least be funny. “Get ready for Dilbert on meth—I got the job!”

Can you lose a job for not being funny?

Well, I think that should be grounds.

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